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Thursday, January 5

To Reap the Whirlwind - Part 4b: Beware the City of the Green Death

36 cyclopean solid black obelisks were arrayed in a honeycombed shape.

Yvigne' seemed amused. "At first, we though the obelisks were made from either black basalt or obsidian. On closer inspection, we discovered it's neither."

"So what is it made of?" asked Kham.

"We don't know. Something we've never seen before on Onara. With some experimentation, we discovered that…well, let me demonstrate. Please stand back."

They all took a step back as Yvigne' chanted, "Incensio terum!"

A fan of flames arched from her hands, but as soon as they touched the obelisks, the flames became a conflagration of hellfire. The scorching heat forced Kham to take a step back and shield his face.

"Wow," said Vlad. [MORE]


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