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Saturday, January 7

To Reap the Whirlwind - Part 5: The Pride of the Hawks

"Why should I should not strike you down where you stand!" snarled a furious Tensen-Balin.

"Because this concerns your son and an oath you made many years ago, my friend. Please, let us speak."

The senator looked sideways at Quintus. The legionnaire slowly lowered his spear. "Your son is ill, senator. If he has a chance of saving him, you should listen."

Kham looked sideways at Quintus. "Did I just hear him right?" he whispered to Vlad. "Did he just advise peace over war?"

"People change," said Vlad. "Especially when it comes to loved ones."

"Maybe," said Kham. "But just in case, I'm going to keep the harem ready." He patted the pistols concealed beneath his overcoat. [MORE]


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