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Wednesday, January 11

To Reap the Whirlwind - Part 6a: Choosing Where to Fight is as Important as When

Quintus placed the boy down beside him and dug his shield into the gravel, such that it stood between Cassicus and the Harvesters. Then the legionnaire used his longspear to trace a wide circle around them. "We make our stand here."

Vlad stood in front of Quintus shield, his own shield and longsword at the ready.

"That's it? That's the plan? You're going to stand out here in the open like a big, fat target?"

"If what Yvigne' said is true, the gravel will protect us from their spells," said Quintus.

"And what if she's a spy like the rest of them?" asked Kham.

"Then we will die with honor," said Quintus. Kham knew that look. It meant Quintus was committed and would never change his mind.

"Tell you what," said Kham. "You three can die with honor out here in the dirt, and I'm going to shoot at people from over there," he ran low to hide behind a wall of honey pots near the edge of the pit. [MORE]


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