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Wednesday, February 1

Cthulhu Document Generator

This thing is great! I found it by accident:

Welcome to the Cthulhu Document generator. I was going thru "Propping up the Mythos" the other day and was reading George Burruss' how-to for generating latin text. Since I don't use Excel (or Windows) and the process seemed a bit intensive labor wise I thought I could develop a document generator for the web that automatically creates the random latin pages

Yeah, I know its not going to change the world but it might save you some time making those mysterious papers/notes/tomes. Just give the generator the parameters you desire and fire away. Then copy the text from the page into your favorite editor, select all, choose your favorite font and boom! you're done. Well, kinda. Read Propping up the Mythos for more cool stuff. If I could write a php script to bind, age and distress your documents/books I would. Cest la vie. Ia ia. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:21 PM

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