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Sunday, February 5

Fear of Girls

This video has been all over the Internet already, but it bears pointing out:

True Love is but a +2 Broadsword away. [MORE]
This video would be just plain sad, if it were not for the following reasons:
1) I've gamed with guys who consider "chaotic neutral" means the right to kill everyone and not give them any mercy.
2) There are definitely guys who run around in cloaks all the time (even though it's supposedly only for Live Action Role-Play or LARPing).
3) I've gamed with guys who have asked to "have sex with" a female character in a Dungeons & Dragons session. In front of five other guys. At a convention.
4) This video is made by gamers. It's dead on: from the barbarian rage to the Brujah clan reference.

It's funny. It's sad. It's true. Don't let it be you!


posted by Michael Tresca at 1:47 PM

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