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Wednesday, February 1

Finally, a Gaming Geek on Reality TV

Somewhere on http://www.rpg.net, a poster made a comment a few years ago that said (and I'm paraphrasing): "It's too bad there aren't any pen-and-paper gamers on reality TV shows. They'd probably be a lot more interesting than half the mutants on the shows today."

Now this was a biased comment coming from a forum all about pen-and-paper role-playing. I have no idea who that poster is or if he's still paying attention. But the theory is now a reality. I give you...

KarlKarl - “Dungeon Master”
Karl graduated from North Park University with honors in biology and is currently applying to pharmacy schools. This 23-year-old watched the first season of Beauty and the Geek and knew that if he was on the show, he would “totally rule.” Having gained a great deal of confidence from his partner, Danielle, Karl says he hasn't had time to ask any girls out. He loves “Dungeons and Dragons” and plays every Friday night with his friends. To fuel his enjoyment of running, Karl is considering training for the Los Angeles Marathon.

You can read more about Karl at the Beauty & the Geek Web Site. It's true, Karl's existence is basically to be utterly mocked for his lack of social skills, further stigmatizing role-playing games. But if Karl wins...well maybe gamer geeks everywhere have a chance. And here's his partner...

Danielle - “Cocktail Waitress”
Twenty-five-year-old swimsuit model, Danielle, would not change a thing about her experience on Beauty and the Geek and would do it again. Currently a circulation assistant at a public library and a part-time cocktail waitress, Danielle plans to return to school to become a nurse. When not working, Danielle likes to go clubbing with friends, workout and shop.

All is not hopeless for Karl. Danielle works at a public library, so they've got a lot of common right there...

Oh whom I kidding, he's screwed. I don't care, I'm still rooting for Karl. GO KARL GO!


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:22 PM

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