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Sunday, February 5

The Tick vs. Role-Playing Games

Oh man. I love the Tick. In the latest issue of "The Tick: Days of Drama," the Tick uncovers a cult of bad guys taking over The City. They're your usual cultists, wearing hoods and wielding wavy-bladed daggers. They worship something with tentacles. Standard stuff.

Except when you get to page 13.

"RIP!" goes the Cultish Crunchitos (a requirement for a cultist trial of evil)

FWSH goes the Devil's Dew (only more caffeine goes caffeine).

"Behold! The Table of Transformation!"

And what's on the table?

"The Devil's Worship: The Role-Playing Game"

Hilarity ensues, including the Tick not understanding how dice work. I did a quick Google search and apparently I'm the last living role-player who reads the Tick. You heard it hear first! [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:18 PM

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