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Tuesday, March 14

Combat Missions

Check this out from Onara Online:
5 March, 2006 - Scoop! Read all about it ! If you haven't seen it yet, check out the cover art for the Theocracy of Canceri book. Also, we've got word on PCI's summer release list! Aside from the Theocracy of Canceri book, previously announced last year at GenCon, they are also releasing (sometime in the summer months), Censure: City of Thieves, Forged in Magic Revised and Expanded (with 115 new items, all 3.5), a limited softcover reprint of the Player's Guide to Arcanis (including all errata), Combat Missions (for Spycraft 2.0), and PCI's new campaign setting Caliphate Nights (using Green Ronin's True20 system, historical arabian nights fantasy). Enjoy the scoop!
Can it be true? We can only hope.


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:47 PM

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