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Thursday, March 23

The Day After

First thing we discovered after waking up from our drunken haze...they TAPED us while we were dancing on stage. Fortunately, nobody seemed to care, because none of the guests we ate with recognized us.

We set out to shop in Nassau, which is the "real" pirate haven. Shopping was fun, though the "Straw Market" was more of the same crap we saw in Freeport.

After we went back to the ship to eat, we discovered a whole new kind of cleaning staff waiting impatiently on the rails of the ship: black-beaked seagulls. When guests got up to leave and left their food behind, a bird brawl would break out. It'd be funny if it wasn't for all that infernal honking. Then was back to Nassau for my personal highlight...the Pirate Museum!



posted by Michael Tresca at 7:02 AM

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