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Thursday, March 23

The Formal Dinner

Cruise ships are funny. Everything is a limited time, special offer discount. But how would we, who have only been on the ship a whopping 2 days, know the difference?

We don't. So I don't buy that anything is actually a good deal.

Anyway, the formal dinner was great. The food was delicious, especially the chocolate cake we had in honor of the other guests at our table's anniversary. The cocktail hour had dancing, but it was up on stage in front of everybody...just a little awkward.

And now for the bad news...while doing a photo shoot in the Cat's Lounge (wherein everything is sized to a cat's perspective), WE LOST STUNT STANLEY #1!

Don't worry, that's why we have multiple Stanleys. Stunt Stanley #2 is looking a little nervous...


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:02 AM

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