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Thursday, March 23

Freeport at Last!

There's no hairdryer in our room and we didn't bring one. We just discovered why...the power shorted out in our room.

Stanley got the opportunity to take a picture with Julius Caesar yesterday. He's really well-connected!

We went to breakfast and thence disembarked for the pirate capital of Arcanis, Freeport! OK, not really. Apparently Freeport was modelled after the Caribbean islands, including Nassau and Freeport. I had high expectations.

Well, stanley can back me up on this...Freeport sucks. It's a dingy littlle island with lots of construction of new houses evevn though many houses are boarded up.

The place has one store wuth 50 different crappy plastic items. Then they make 200 different stalls, all with varying combinations of those items. I ended up buying...a shirt. That's it. I couldn't even find anything with Freeport on it.

Next...the Glass Bottom Boat.

posted by Michael Tresca at 7:02 AM

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