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Thursday, March 23

Fun Day at Sea

Now we sail back to Florida. It takes all day to get there, since we're not making any stops. A couple of observations:

Our cruise director, Paul, is a British benevolent version of Robert DeNiro. He tells jokes, he speaks to us over the intercom, he even sings. This is what I Imagine god is like, always with a vague smile on his face like he knows something really funny that you don't.

This is the land of Watch Your Step. Every entrancr has a lip, a step, a drop-off, or some kind of lip you have to carefully traverse. This includes the bathroom and the shower. My guess is because they need to control the flow of water to prevent flooding. That doesn't quite explain why every stall in Freeport and Nassau has the same problem. Or maybe it does.

The hurricanes devastated the region. That's why there's both construction and destroyed houses in the same area. The construction companies haven't caught up.

Like Disney, cruise ships are suffused with their own spercial brand of musical diarrehea. In this case, it's 90% Jamiroquai and Beach Boys. It all blends together after awhile.

There are a lot of grumpy old men on cruises. They seem to have an attitude about everything, and aren't interested in the usual niceties. Maybe it's because they've been on cruises before, maybe it's because they're from money and expect a higher level of service...whatever, they need an attitude adjustment and I thought cruises did just that. If this won't work...they're pretty much perma-grumpy!

The island peoples are an odd mixture of evangelicals and hedonism. Shirts that praise god are right next to shirts describing (and in some cases, displaying) some pretty lewd positions. Go figure.


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