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Thursday, March 23

The Last Day

We managed to keep ourselves busy, sunning (err, burning) on deck, watching a really chesy "Broadway-inspired" show, enjoying the hilarious jokes of a magician, and of course drinling, drinking, drinking.

The captain must have really opened the throttle, because the ship was shuddering hard...my suspicion is they had to gun it to return to Florida in time. It was strong enough to slam the cabin's bathroom door.

Speaking of which, we thought our cabin was fine: king sized bed, window to the ocean, and near all the events. Not everyone had the same arrangement. Apparently, interior rooms have a fake window with curtains over a wall. One passerby peeked into our room and loudly pronounced that they wanted to "get a room like that next time". That almost made us feel better about the bill we got at the end of the trip. Whew!

We watched Flightplan on the in-cabin tv and then went to bed, ready to disembark the next morning. Little did we know...


posted by Michael Tresca at 2:10 PM

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