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Thursday, March 23

The Party's Over

Oh man. They told us the lines would be long in disembarking, but not THIS long. In theory, one can leave at 8 am. In practice, we left arounf 9:30. And that was with us patiently NOT getting on line. The line wends down a staircase, then your "Sign and Sail" card is scanned as you leave the boat. This card is the root of all evil, like the devil's credit card, tempting you to sin at every turn.

Anyway, after the fisrt 1 and 1/2 hour line, you get on the line to get your luggage. Theb you get on a customs line, where they inspected nothing. Then you get on a bus line. 45 minutes later, you get on a ticket line. Then yoiu get on a luggage security check-out line. Then you get on a security line. Then you wait for the plane.

All these lines (at this point, six hours of lines), tired me out. I need a vacation!


posted by Michael Tresca at 2:17 PM

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