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Thursday, March 23

Pirates of Nassau

The bus tour took us to two different historical monuments. Our host was Muskgrove, a well-spoken older man who knew everything about the island.

What Stanley learned: 70% of Bahamian income is from tourism. There are steps labelled the Queens' Steps because there were 66 steps, and the former slaves who built it dedicated it to her. There's just one problem: she ruled fof 64 years. No worries, due to nature and man, one of the steps has worn away. Give it another 10 years and the Queen's Steps will finally be accurate!

I also used the flash on my camera to take pictures of a dark dungeon in a fort. It was so dark I didn' dare go inside. I won't know what it looked like until I see the pictures develop!

Back to pirates. The last leg of the tour drops you off at the pirate museum. We were greeted bya crazy pirate actor and then in we went. Lots of wax dummies and explosions, some ad hoc quizzes and then...pirate merchandise!

That's what I'd come for. I bought a lot. It sems that Nassau's pirate history is not something the locals are too fond of...in the same way Cornish locals don't like to talk a bout the witch museum there. No matter, I'm in my pirate phase, so this was just what the cruise doctor ordered. More shopping and then we went bakc to the boat.


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