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Wednesday, April 26

Death in Freeport - Part 4d: The Bloody Vengeance

Ilmarė ducked as an arrow shivered in the Rusty Hook’s door, where her head had been. She dashed off down the docks, clearing a shipping crate with one leap.

Vlad, in full plate armor, struggled to do the same. Ilmarė turned as he scrabbled over the crate like a crab.

“Stupid human,” she yanked Vlad over the top of the crate. He fell on the other side as arrows thudded around them. “When are you going to learn to stop wearing such heavy armor?”

An arrow KA-TANGED off of his armor.

“When people stop shooting things at me,” said Vlad. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:14 PM

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