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Friday, April 7

Pyramid Article: The Many Faces of Evil

Paladins have a multitude of divine powers, from turning the living dead to healing the wounded, from calling upon the divine grace of the gods to summoning a holy mount. And yet the least of the paladin's abilities, the ability to detect evil, is often overlooked.

With the power to know a person's soul comes great responsibility. What does a paladin do when he detects evil in someone who has yet to exhibit any evil actions? Does he draw a sword and kill the man, thereby committing murderer in the eyes of the law? For that matter, what's considered evil, exactly? This article explores the consequences peering into another person's soul.

Detect evil, at a glance, is a visual response. Like a smudge of dirt, it appears on people and things that bear its taint. But what is evil? Your paladin might specialize in a particular form of evil detection, depending on his deity's background. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 11:27 AM

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