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Sunday, May 21

Movie Review: Poseidon

I don't remember the original Poseidon Adventure very well, but it was a very detached experience, much less horror and much more of a character study. Fortunately, director Wolfgang Petersen isn't interested in showing how good an actor can mime hysterics. Instead, he goes for the throat; this is a disaster film and it looks like it: dead bodies float everywhere. When the ship flips, everything flips with it, and we can never forget that our protagonists are upside-down because every sign, door, and table is the wrong way. And then there's the water.

Gurgling, growling, snaking through shafts, suffused with flames; water has never been so terrifying. The survivors must swim through a conflagration, in the dark, through a nettle of wires, past floating dead bodies, and at one point, hold their breath to the breaking point. It is horrible. It is undoubtedly realistic. It is a disaster movie with a capital D. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:32 AM

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