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Friday, July 14

Death in Freeport - Part 4c: The Bloody Vengeance

Kham pulled his trusty dagger from his jacket. With a twist, he turned the hilt and lock picks sprung out. After feeling each of the picks, Kham decided on one and inserted it into the lock.

There was a soft click. “Piece of cake,” Kham though to himself.

Then his left arm went numb. Something had pinched the top of his hand while he was fiddling with the lock.

Poison! Kham knew he had to work fast. He put the dagger back in his overcoat and slowly lifted the lid. It was heavy, heavy enough that he had to strain to keep it from slamming open and dumping everything on top of it to the floor.

There was a low, rolling sound. An Altherian compass, undoubtedly taken off the body of an Altherian captain, wobbled its way across the lid… [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:19 PM

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