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Tuesday, July 18

Death in Freeport - Part 4d: The Bloody Vengeance

A huge, muscular orc ran in. He was wearing a chain shirt and little else.

“Intruder!” he shouted. “What’s wrong wi’ ye! I`ve been shoutin' t' th' rooftops!”

The singing stopped. Ilmarė hopped down from the table.

“What th' hell be wrong wi' YOU?” shouted Scarbelly. “We be jus' havin' some fun wi' that juicy morsel o'er there,” said the captain. His tongue licked one of his protruding fangs as he looked Ilmarė up and down.

“Thar be an intruder in me room!” shouted Aggro, the first mate. “I saw th' lad wi' me own eyes!”

“This better nay be another one o' yer bad dreams,” said Scarbelly.

“Shut up! 't wasn’t about seagulls!” shouted Aggro, who towered over Scarbelly. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:20 AM

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