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Thursday, August 10


Well, we made it to Atlanta. I was going to take my luggage onto the plane, but the damn terrorist alert messed everything up. Rather than throw out my shampoo and toothpaste, I ran back to check my luggage.

With 10 minutes before my flight left, I politely asked the two blonde, coiffed moms in front of me if I could skip ahead after hearing their flight was leaving at 10 am. The response: a frown and, after a moment, a disgusted wave letting me cut...

Or not. The next person was called and they went ahead of me anyway, completely ignoring me.

Fortunately, this same incident happened to everyone on the plane, delaying it by an hour or so.

I have faced down the blonde minions evil...my first trial. I will not be defeated, forces of no-fun-ness! I will get to Gen Con!

But my luggage might not...


posted by Michael Tresca at 1:11 PM

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