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Friday, August 11

Day one

After navigating the airport and recognizing that we're actually not staying at the same hotel as before, we arrived at the Garden Hilton. It is sweeeet! Big rooms, friendly staff, and now there are signs everywhere indicating that Indy is glad we' back. Looks like all those threats about moving the con worked, even the restaurants are happy we're here!

We managed to muster a game and ended up facing down the slavelords again. Perin/Matt nearly died fighting a Chuul, Blast fried a wizard in a crow's nest with a lightning bolt ("how do you light a torch? Just add fire!"), and Darius/Eric got made fun of a lot for being the token human. Fortunately we survived, though the chuul was far tougher than the final boss.

We ate and drank at Houlihan's and then watched forced Matt tio watch the Venture Brothers until he fell asleep.

Today's second stop (after breakfast) is the dealer's room! Go team Venture!


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