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Thursday, August 10

On the Plane

"Thank God, we are on the plane," said Mr. Hammer.

That sums it up. MH ended landing in CT at 1 am at Bradley airport, then drove a rented SUV to White Plains. He finally got to the airporty (where his car was) at 3:30 am, and arrived home at 4 am.

Then he woke up two hours later to drive us to LaGuardia, whereupon we discovered that the terror alert had been raised, thereby snarling the airport so badly that we had a 2 hour security line. Oh yeah, also...

You can't carry on toothpaste.
Or mouthwash.
Or deodorant.

Apparently the terrorists threatening decided to use liquid bombs on a flight from Heathrow. So there you have it. The dark forces conspire against us, but we will prevail!

Now here's hoping we actually mnake the connecting flight out of Atlanta. Stay tuned true believers!


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:13 AM

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