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Sunday, September 10

Holiday in the Sun - Part 2: Fun for Everyone

“As ye all know, th' Great Raid did Freeport proud,” said Baldric. “An' nay shipmate did more than One-eyed Jack. Lashed t' th' mast o' Cap’n Drac’s flagship durin' a storm, he fought off o'er a dozen fishmen o' th' deep wi' only a belayin' pin. Truly a salt t' be reckoned wi'. Now, be ye ready fer One-eyed Jack’s Stand?”

The crowd once again roared its approval. Captain Baldric made his way to the scene of the first event and he motioned to Vlad to follow him. A short distance away was a circle of packed earth with a large stone obelisk at its center. A rope dangled from the top of the obelisk.

“An' me good matey Vlad will go first. Let’s give th' lad a hand!”

Vlad blinked and looked around in surprise. “Wait…what?” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 11:02 PM

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