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Saturday, September 23

Holiday in the Sun - Part 4a: A Bigger Problem

He stopped abruptly at the opening. “Well, the good news is we’ve found the rat,” said Vlad.

They found the rat all right, but he was in no condition to fight back. The room was filled with arcing webs, and the rat was firmly caught amongst them. His jaws worked futilely as he tried to gnaw his way free. Around the room were several large cocoons, some as large men.

“What’s the bad news?” asked Dril.

Deep in the shadows a pair of red eyes glowed. An arachnid form was just visible in the webs. As mandibles clicked, a raspy voice emerged from the abomination.

“If you leave now, I’ll let you live,” it whispered.

Dril drew his flintlock rifle. “Never mind.”[MORE]


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