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Friday, October 6

Alien Invasion: The Book They Didn’t Want You to See

The book they didn’t want you to see.


Yesterday, Chris Davis of RPGObjects received a first class package from David Jarvis containing the final Alien Invasion PDF. It contains bonus material, such as an actual Ground Zero radio broadcast dealing with an alien landing in Russia. Also included in the .zip file are the high resolution government installation maps for you to print out if you like. The PDF clocks in at 138 pages and includes a bunch of actual Majestic 12 documents at the back of the PDF.

David hasn’t been heard from since. He indicated he was still being followed and was suffering attacks by Men in Black. His wife has disappeared and he is hell bent on finding her. I wish him luck.

As Chris was looking through the pdf, he noticed something odd about the layout. It contains graphics that weren’t in the original layout. Normally we wouldn’t think twice about it, but they aren’t in every page. At the back, there is a cryptic poem with two words in bold. We're wondering if there is some kind of coded message in the document. In the interest of learning more about a message David might have left for us, RPGObjects is holding a contest.

The first five people to decipher this apparent hidden message will win a free product of their choosing from either Reality Deviant Publications’ catalogue, or RPGObjects’ catalogue. Email answers to webmaster@rpgobjects.com.


posted by Michael Tresca at 4:12 PM

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