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Thursday, November 9

NaNoWriMo Update

"Aw, come on mate, s’ not so bad. We can do without Mick."

Hugh looked inconsolable.

Stewart sighed. "Look. Mick was just trash anyway. I don't know why you keep these people on, honestly."

"He was good for a laugh," Hugh said meaningfully. "Mick got things done. This is how the business works in the States, yah? Maybe he was a paranoid son of a bitch, but that's the kind of guy ya need. "

Stewart flumped down in his seat in the first class row. The very first row. "You mean YOU need."

"Yah, maybe. I'm too trusting. Mick wasn't trusting at all. And now he's not with us."

Hugh looked over at the stewardess. She was a nice but of fluff, tall, with long legs that were sleekly silhouetted by her stockings. But despite the view, Hugh wasn't checking her out purely for her physical assets. She wasn't looking at them; who cared about a couple of nobody band members flying out for their first States gig? Even if Hugh was actually from Boston?

"I know something that'll cheer you up." Hugh grinned as he flipped the silvery disc out of his jacket. "

Stewart peered up at Hugh over the emergency instructions. "Wot's that?"

"Just a little educational viewing," said Hugh with a leer. "What's say we give these yanks a real in-flight movie?"

"Fucking brilliant!" cackled Steve, but softly lest the stewardess notice.

"Don't blame me," said Hugh. "It was Mick’s idea."

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