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Saturday, November 11

NaNoWriMo Update

It was George's responsibility to make sure things went smoothly, so off he dutifully went. The problem was that there was no one to make things go smoothly for HIM. Who made sure that George got the Diet Dr. Pepper he so thoroughly enjoyed? Who checked to see that some fat slob wasn't sitting next to him, causing George to be in much closer contact with a man's thighs than he had ever been with his wife? And who—God, who?—was in charge of shutting the damn screaming baby up behind him and the kid sister that was kicking his seat every few seconds.

Somebody had put the in-flight movie on, which was fine with him. Finally, he had something to distract him from the screaming baby and the little shit with the hyperactive knees.

George gave the screen a cursory glance. It was a black and white film.

He squinted. It was a black and white film that was subtitled.

"Oh for crying out loud," George muttered loudly. "Did they cut the budget so much that you people can't put on a decent movie?"

He timed it so that the stewardess heard him as she passed in the opposite direction. She wasn't looking at the movie. George was half hoping she'd keep going so he could take another look at her from her best side. Instead, she turned to see what he meant.

The actors were made up in the usual makeup reserved for silent movies, where emoting and expressions where paramount. They gaped in horror before something off screen.

"The King in Yellow arrives!" said the card.

George squinted. It looked as if the screen nearest him was starting to go; he'd seen the same effect on his TV set before he sold it for one of the new flat panel types. Yellow spots appeared on the TV one day and never went away.

"That’s not an in-flight movie," said the stewardess. "Not one of ours."

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