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Sunday, November 19

NaNoWriMo Update

Sarah peered at the DVD player. She looked over at the band members in first class. "Did you touch this?"

The men were giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls. "Maybe."

"That's not funny, sir." Sarah went to hit the eject button but the lead band member grabbed her wrist.

"Wait," he said with deadly seriousness. "We’re still waiting for the porn."

"What?" Sarah tried not to burst out into laughter herself. That would be hilarious, all those soccer moms having to cover their kids' eyes when two people made the beast with two backs all over the screens on the plane. Of course, it would also get her fired.

"Uh," said his band mate," I don't think this is porn."

He was transfixed, staring at the sea of black and white on the nearest TV screen. Sarah shook her head and was about to respond when one of the stewardess assistance lights went on.


God she hated those lights. She turned to look.

Another one went on.


Then another. Then all the assistance lights lit up like a Christmas tree.

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