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Wednesday, December 13

Deus Ex Machina - Part 2: The Heist

Cal didn’t have much to fear from Freeport. In fact, it was one of the few places he felt comfortable. Although people openly stared, he preferred it to the nervous side glances of more polite cities. In Freeport, if someone didn’t like you, they let you know it. If they feared you, they let you know that too.

So it was surprising when a woman approached him. Few locals dared. The thugs large enough to threaten him had learned his lesson. Besides, Cal was perpetually broke anyway.

“Blimey!” she said, looking up at Cal. “Yew 'ook like a big strappin' fellow. Might I be able ter offer my services? Nuff said, yeah?”

Cal’s pupiless eyes blinked. He sniffed tentatively in the woman’s direction. Her eyes and lips were painted extravagantly. Her clothes were too tight, especially the top part.

“Orww, right, come on now. I know I don't 'ave a look like much, but I fink I can 'andle the likes of yer. Wotcher say?” [MORE]


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