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Sunday, December 17

Deus Ex Machina - Part 3: The Chase

The little man ran across the rooftops as fast as his little legs would carry him. He easily sped across a four-inch wide plank onto a two-story stone building.

Harcourt spun around to kick the plank. It clattered into the alley below.

Harcourt flashed a brief smile at the ss’ressen that was pounding after him. It was a good ten feet distance between the two buildings.

Then the lizard was gone. Harcourt spun around…

Only to nearly smack right into Cal. “Give me back my note,” said the lizard with a hiss.

Harcourt took a step backwards. Cal stepped forward. The roof groaned under the three hundred pound lizard man’s weight. Then it gave way.

Cal collapsed up to his chest. He was stuck.

The thief laughed and ran right up to Cal. Then, using the ss’ressen’s head as a stepping-stone, Harcourt launched himself over the broken rooftop.

With his formidable forearm strength alone, Cal lifted himself out of the hole. He crawled across the rooftop just in time to see Harcourt crossing to the next building on a tightrope.

Just to show how dexterous he was, the thief walked backwards across the tightrope while facing Cal. “So long, yer big alligator!” shouted Hargrove. “Right!”

Then a whistling axe snapped the tightrope in half. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 4:06 PM

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