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Wednesday, December 6

Deus Ex Machina - Prologue

“When your gnomes aren’t looking, Khorbon, I’m going to kill you with my bare hands,” said Quintus.

“Kill me? Kill me?” Khorbon gestured at the gnomes behind Quintus. “Did you hear that? He’s going to kill me? Well, he’s very confused, isn’t he?” He leaned forward to look Quintus in the face. “It’s quite the other way around, I’m afraid. You see, my memories have a home and the key is Ambrose. I’m not sure how, but Ambrose got out of Carcosa and he’s working very hard to get back. We’re going to follow him through a portal to a very important party. But you can’t go to a party without bringing a gift, can you?” He lifted his arms up. “Of course not! You, my stalwart friend, are going to be my gift to the King. A gift of madness! And he will make me Prince of Carcosa, as I am destined to be.”

Khorbon nodded to one of the gnomes, who pulled Quintus’ leash.


Quintus looked back and forth from the gnome to Khorbon. “What are you going to do to me?”

“Go with these gentlemen, my new friend,” said Khorbon. “I have a party to prepare for.”

Then they put the mask over his head. And the nightmare began. [MORE]


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