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Friday, December 1

The Senator's Seal - Conclusion

“One other thing,” said Okpara. “I would like to send you on a brief vacation.”

Ilmarė paused in counting the Imperials. “Is that a threat?”

“Not at all,” chuckled Okpara. “But given the nature of your pursuit, I think it’s best if you leave town for awhile. I have a friend, Gaius Phillipus, who owns a villa in Vestalanium.”

“Never heard of it,” said Vlad.

Okpara’s stared at him for a moment. “Of course you wouldn’t. It’s one of the most exclusive of all Coryani resort towns, nestled along the Corvis River. I’m sure adventurers such as yourselves would enjoy such an opportunity to get away from the bustle of the city.”

Ilmarė stretched, rubbing the back of her neck. “It would be nice to get away from it all.”

“Then it’s settled,” said Okpara. “Please gather your things immediately. The river barge leaves tomorrow.”

As they walked out of Okpara’s office, Dril looked back over his shoulder. “Why do I get the feeling we never had a choice in the first place?” [MORE]


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