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Tuesday, January 9

Accidental Survivors: The Modern Gaming Podcast

A gaming podcast for modern campaigns brought to you by Sword's Edge Publishing: Episode 005 - Illegal Aliens

I was the special guest on the most recent Modern Gaming Podcast. Check it out here.

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcastsponsored by Sword's Edge PublishingPodcast music is "Battle Hymn" by Mindscape Music
  1. News & Views: YourGamesNow, RPG Objects and Chuck Rice's World War 2 project, Shadows Over Camelot from Days of Wonder, Alien Vs. Predator 2, Alien Invasion at Lulu.com
  2. Feature - Illegal Aliens: Alien Conspiracies, War of the Worlds, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Marvel comics' Celestials, Cthulu, H.P. Lovecraft, Reptoids, The Greys
  3. Inspiration: V, They Live, 4400, Invasion, Alien Nation and the TV Series, The Hidden, Earth: Final Conflict, Slither, Critters, Creepshow, the Tommyknockers, Pulse
  4. The Hook: No linkage. Plenty above.
  5. Feedback: Ain't It Cool News, Casino Royale review, Michael.Tresca.net, Highlander and the TV Series, Highlander: the Immortals, Highlander: the Gathering, Do You Want to Live Forever?
    You can email us at accidental@swordsedgepublishing.ca
    You can hop on over to the ForgedRPG forums at www.forgedrpg.com
    You can call or fax us at 206-222-2519
    You can leave us an ODEO.
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