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Monday, January 1

Deus Ex Machina - Part 4a: Psychological Torture Chamber

The images flickered faster and faster, from faces of the pallid mask, to that of a woman, her eyes glazed, blood vessels burst beneath her delicate skin. Blood stained her distended stomach. Her legs were limp.

“Baebiana!” screamed Quintus.

Then the pallid masks surrounded him. The music stopped.

Khorbon bent down to peer into Quintus’s face. “Poor bastard. It’s a shame they don’t let legionnaires marry. Got her pregnant, then she died on him in childbirth. “

Quintus didn’t move. His eyes were open. Tears stained his cheeks. Quintus’ breathing was slow and shallow.

“Well, we cracked him. He’s catatonic,” said Khorbon from behind his mask. “I think he’ll make an excellent gift for the King in Yellow.”

Then he left. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:55 PM

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