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Wednesday, January 24

Deus Ex Machina - Part 7a: Training Room

Standing in front of the orrery was a large, white shape. It was too far away to make out, cloaked in the shadows of the room. An older man was moving back and forth behind it, dressed in a workman’s apron.

“That’s got to be Ambrose,” said Ilmarė. She drew her bow. “And if he’s working on an orrery, that means he’s opening a portal to Carcosa.”

“What’s the invitation to, anyway?” asked Beldin.

“It’s a costume party,” said Ilmarė.

A clanking man-sized marionette swung into view, blocking their path to the room beyond.

“He’s going as a puppet? Stupid costume,” said Cal. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 11:15 PM

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