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Monday, February 26

Adventus Regis - Part 2: The Murmurs of Madness

The dark-kin stepped over to one cart brimming with confections of all types. He bumped into someone who was staring at Calactyte.

“Oh I’m sorry…” he blinked as he took in the man before him. He wore the clothes of a patrician, but his features were undeniable. As were his purple lenses. “Kham?”

“Pardon?” said the man, taking a step back. “My name is Katticus Maximus Val’Abebi.” He looked around to see if anyone noticed him. Then Kham took off his lenses and winked at Sebastian. “And I have never met you before in my life. I’m just an ordinary nobleman vacationing in this fine town.”


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:58 PM

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