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Wednesday, February 7

Game Review: Gears of War

Graphics aside, GOW is a fully realized universe. You can stop bad guys from spawning by throwing a grenade into a "Grub Hole." And to complicate matters, grenades are connected to chains that you bounce off of things (and even people), so one does not merely throw a grenade at a target. Gone are the Hail Mary sticky bomb kills that made Halo frustrating. The other weapons are equally innovative, especially the chainsaw bayonet, which allows you to churn up your enemies, Evil Dead style. Locust duck and weave, use cover, slowly advance forward and then retreat when they're in trouble. And oh yeah...NO JUMPING. Halo characters hopped around like frogs, such that a Spartan armed with a rocket launcher could become a moving target on an otherwise featureless terrain. No such luck here...if you're standing out in the middle of nowhere, you'll go down and go down hard. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:51 PM

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