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Monday, March 19

Adventus Regis - Part 7a: The Barge

“My friends,” he began, “we’ve had a bit of trouble below decks. It seems our clumsy pilot has steered onto some rocks near shore and knocked a small hole in our hull. There is no danger, none at all, but we must stop to make repairs.”

Ilmarė squinted at Gaius. “Something’s wrong.”

“Our captain knows a flat field just around the next river bend where we can stop. We shall simply move the dinner and show onto the shore. I promise you will hardly notice the interruption. To apologize for this embarrassment, your stay at Ravulus will be extended an additional day, without charge of course.”

Sebastian leaned over to Ilmarė. “What is it?”

“Blood,” said Ilmarė. “On the bottom of Gaius’ tunic.” [MORE]


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