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Tuesday, March 27

Adventus Regis - Part 8: The Whispers Become Screams

The town was gripped in madness. A woman jumped to her death off of a rooftop. An old man doused himself in lamp oil, and then leaped onto a burning cart. A howling gang armed with knives rushed after a handful of fleeing women and children. Death was everywhere.

“Turn her about!” Gaius shouted to the crew. “We are not landing. Take us back up river, NOW!”

“Good riddance,” said Ilmarė. “I didn’t like that town anyway.”

Sebastian had one hand over his mouth in a silent scream. “The villa,” he half-whispered. “I told Thralen to stay there with Emric…”

“They are in pain,” said Bijoux. “We must save what who we can.” And with that, she leaped onto the rail and launched herself into the air. She easily cleared the thirty feet from the barge to the shore.

“Pull us closer!” shouted Kham.

“Are you insane?” Gaius shouted back. “I’m not bringing us anywhere near there!”

“Pull us closer,” Kham said, his hand moving towards the hilt of Fleshripper, “or I will steer this boat myself.”

Several of Gaius’ crewmembers stepped up behind him, clubs in hand. “I don’t think…” His eyes widened.

Behind Kham, Cal was gripping his massive bearded axe. “Do it,” he said. “The dwarf can’t jump very far.” [MORE]


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