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Sunday, March 25

Dun Update

“Okay, so. Listen, I’ve been checking up on this whole Monarch Project. A lot of buddies on the Internet, some claiming to be ex-KGB. And here’s the thing: near as I can tell, Agent Naotalba never actually escaped Project Monarch. Nobody died. He wasn’t under surveillance. He wasn’t doing anything but being brainwashed that whole time. So you’ve got to ask yourself, why was CIFA’s pet project, a project so dangerous that it could cause World War III, left with the gate open?”

Threaver looked around the room. If what Barry was saying was true…

“I’ll tell you why…because Naotalba didn’t escape. He was let out.” Barry peered at the webcam. “I’ve tried to figure out every other way this could have happened. I don’t buy that the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign made it happen. In fact, the name of the projects, the agents, the whole damn thing…it’s too coincidental that all those names come from the King in Yellow. I don’t know how to put this any other way, but I’m pretty sure that everything we’ve experienced up to this point is on PURPOSE.”

Threaver stopped writing. What was more was there to write?

“My ex-KGB contacts deny a rival program ever existed. It’s all bullshit, the whole fucking thing. And I’m convinced CIFA knows all about it. That’s why a copy of this message has also been sent to my reporter contact in Washington. In fact, you’re both viewing this at the same time.” He waved at the screen, as if he could see his invisible viewers. “If they haven’t killed him too,” Barry added morosely.

The honk of an SUV caused Barry to turn away for a second. “I gotta go. Hopefully, I can show you this tape at your bachelor party when you finally marry that psychologist you work with and we can all laugh about it. But until then, remember this…” he leaned forward to the camera.

“Naotalba wasn’t a mistake…he was a test.”

Then the transmission cut off.

Word count thingy isn't working, so here's the old fahsioned way: 65,042 out of 80,000.


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:42 PM

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