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Tuesday, March 27

Dun Update

“I need you to move, now.”

“What?” asked Vallejo, incredulous. His team was lined up at the point of last cover and concealment, at an apartment building across the street from the studio. “You said in the mission briefing that we were going to wait until the civilians went home!”

“I know what I said. The Brotherhood has access to a satellite dish. And before you ask, we can’t take it out with munitions, it’s shielded.”

“How did we miss this?” The accusation hung in the air.

“Faulty intel,” said Beckem. His voice was tightly controlled. “I put in a request for the HRT but they’ll never get here in time. You have under fifteen minutes to take out that control station. If you don’t reach them by then…”

“I know. But there’s now way I’m going to risk my men in there without—“

There was a crash. A man flopped out of the fourth story window and splattered on to the asphalt parking lot below with a wet plop. There was no one in the window; he had thrown himself out.

“Shit,” said Vallejo. He turned to his team. “We now have a hostage situation.”

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