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Saturday, March 3

Adventus Regis - Part 3: Public Gardens

“A centurion asked about a little blonde girl named Nelaria,” said Bijoux. “She ran off from her father earlier today. They think she might be in the gardens.”

Kham, having finished off his bottle, was already patronizing another wine vendor.

“I’m sure she’s around here somewhere,” said Ilmarė. “Human children tend to get lost easily.”

Sebastian placed one palm on the bench. It felt wet and sticky.

When he looked at his hand, it was covered in red. Blood.

There was a trail down the side of the bench, across the gravel path, and around a rosebush. Sebastian stood up and followed the path.

Hidden from view was the little girl, sitting on the ground off the main path. Her white toga was spattered with blood. In her hands was a dead kitten, its head dashed in against the side of another stone bench. Her arms slowly swung out, striking the body of the dead animal against the stone bench. Over and over and over and over. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 3:00 PM

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