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Tuesday, April 10

Adventus Regis - Part 11: He is Here!

They were almost clear of the street when a screaming man rushed out in front of them.

Cal advanced, but Ilmarė put out one hand to stop him.

The man was naked and covered in cuts and gashes. Blood ran off of him and a layer of broken glass clung to his flesh.

Bijoux stepped forward. “Are you…” she spotted a bed of broken bottles, carefully prepared, covered in blood. Beside the pile was the man’s carefully folded toga and discarded sandals. “Hurt?”

The man ran away, screaming, “He is here! He is here!”

Bijoux crouched to pursue.

Ilmarė grabbed her wrist. “Let him go.”

“But he will die,” Bijoux said, her slitted pupils focused on the man’s retreating back as he zigzagged through the street.

“He’s dead already,” said Ilmarė. “We need to focus on the living.” [MORE]


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