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Saturday, April 14

Adventus Regis - Part 12: Give Us Your Children!

The big lizard turned, but it was too late. The man threw himself onto the cart. In seconds, it would explode.

There were pleas from the people inside. The cries of children.

Cal bellowed an ear-splitting roar, louder than the screams and the crackling of the flames. His earflaps stood straight up.

“Not him too!” said Sebastian. “If we lose Cal…”

“Cal has not gone crazy,” said Bijoux. She watched with careful interest. “He’s just angry.”

Cal seemed to puff up another full foot. His claws extended as he pounded towards the smoldering wagon. With a mighty heave, the Ss’ressen grabbed the front of the wagon and lifted it over his head. He spun, his dilated eyes scanning the terrain for a place where it would be safe to throw it.

“No,” said Beldin through gritted teeth. “He’ll never get away in time!”

“I don’t think he plans to get away,” said Ilmarė. [MORE]


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