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Sunday, April 1

Dun Update

This is actually a scene I went back and inserted prior to the guy jumping out the window. It's no fun if we don't get to show the insanity up close and personal!
Kurt craned his neck to look at the screens. A black-and-white movie flickered. “What the…hell…” he trailed off, intently focused as the screen turned yellow.

Someone screamed in the distance. It was far away, and it wasn’t quite a scream; more like hysterical laughter.

“I heard this story once,” said Kurt, never taking his eyes from the screen. “About a hotshot lawyer who was trying to show off how cool he was to the pretty interns. He was proving that you couldn’t jump out windows because the glass was shatterproof.”

“Uh huh,” said Julie.

The whirring of a pencil sharpener cut through Kurt’s thoughts. Julie was sharpening pencils. Kurt thought about smashing her head to a bloody pulp, but he had more important things to do.

“What are you doing?”

“My eyes are itchy.”

“Oh. Anyway. I heard this story once. So this guy, he runs up to the window and jumps, but he bounces off. The interns squeal. And the guy says that’s nothing. And he takes a step back and does it again. Boom. He bounces off the window. The girls are like, stop doing that or you’re going to hurt yourself, we’re twenty stories up. And he’s like nah, it’s safe, see? And he runs towards the window and guess what happened?”

“Will you shut up?” shouted Julie, trying to be heard over the din of screams, shouts, and howls of agony. Two sharpened pencils were in her fists. “I’m trying to concentrate here!”

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