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Sunday, April 29

Dun Update

I've resumed writing as I close in on the home stretch of my novel. It's time to wrap up some loose ends. Barry let Agent Threaver know about his conspiracy theory as well as "a reporter friend in Washington." We get to meet that friend here.

And we also get to find out what exactly happened to Brandon and Amanda. I keep trying to let them lead a happy life but unfortunately circumstances just won't let me...

There was a knock at the door. Brandon ignored it.

“I know, ‘Manda, I won’t forget. I’m just about packed up.”

“Did you remember Bob’s medication?”

Bob had a digestive problem that required him to take an oral steroid. Fortunately, Bob developed the condition while he was with the nice people who boarded him. It was just a matter of giving the stubborn cat his medication every other day.

Emphasis on stubborn.

“Yeah. Not that he’ll take it.”

“You may have to force it down his throat,” said Amanda.

There was more banging on the door, a little angrier this time.

“Is there someone knocking at your door?”

“Yeah, I’m…” Brandon held the phone away from him and peered through the peephole. “Oh Jesus, it’s the press again.”

“Again? Aren’t they done with you?”

“Are they done with you?”

“Probably never.” Sighed Amanda.

“GO AWAY!” Brandon shouted at the door.

“Ow,” Amanda muttered from far away – she had yanked the phone away from her ear. “That was in my ear.”


“Mr. Howe? I’d like to speak with you if you have a moment.”

“God damn it,” muttered Brandon. “Look, I have to go. It’s probably some legal form or something I have to fill out that signs the rest of my life over to them or something…”

“Fine, fine. Call me when you get on the road please.”

“Will do baby. Love you.”

“Love you too. Kiss Bob for me, he’s going to need those drugs once you put him in the car.”

“The way today is going, I may take some myself.” He hung up and promptly opened the door.

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