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Monday, April 30

Dun Update

Beckem, perched in his surveillance van, chuckled over the comm. link to Threaver. “You called it. I owe you twenty bucks.”

“Barry said he sent it to a reporter,” said Threaver. “And no reporter I know could sit still without oozing out of the rock he’s been festering under to break a story. But the credit goes to you: bug in the plaque? Sheer genius.”

“Why thank you. Now before you ask me out on a date, what do you want me to do with this Oliver guy?”

“Stay on him. If he’s got a lead, then he may be our best bet of tracking down Naotalba.”

“Whatever crap he was spouting about Mormons must have made sense to him,” said Beckem. “He tore off out of here like a bat out of hell.”

“Man, remember when that song came out? Back when media was simple?”

“And didn’t force you to kill your girlfriend? What about the kid?”

Brandon stared down at the plaque with a sigh. To Brandon it was just a strange little globe that hung in a gyroscope of sorts, bouncing and moving whenever it was jostled. In reality, it was the surveillance device Beckem used to keep tabs on him. It looked like Brandon was looking right at the screen.

“Howe?” The video from the feed in the plaque was covered as Brandon picked up the plaque and put it in a box. It was the last thing he packed.

A slow smile crept over his lips as he thought of someone. It must have been someone special. Beckem was struck by a pang of jealousy.

“Ah, to be young and in love,” Beckem said to himself.

“Still watching the video tape huh?” crackled Threaver’s voice, snapping him out of it.

“Nah.” Brandon closed the box. The sound of packing tape came next. Beckem shut down the camera. “With the reality show coming up, those two kids are going to have far more privacy than anyone can handle. What say we give them some alone time?”

“Agreed,” said Threaver. “We could all use a little less media.”

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