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Monday, May 21

Advetus Regis - Part 17c: The Senator’s Box

“I’ll keep it distracted!” said Kham. “Kill that thing in the senator’s box.” When Cal didn’t move, he shouted again. “Go!”

Kham’s command spurred Cal into action. He bounded across the arena and hurled himself towards the balcony. The Ss’ressen’s powerful legs propelled him halfway up the arena wall. He dug in his powerful claws and climbed, scaling it foot by foot.

Cal cleared the rim. He scrambled up into the senator’s box, axe in hand. There was nothing there but a drippy corpse.

The liquid eyes turned to focus on him. As their gazes locked, Cal’s mind recoiled in horror…[MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:58 PM

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