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Wednesday, May 2

Comments on My Review of Superman Returns

VERY insightful review. I can tell this is a person who (rightly) adores the original and understood how much more "Returns" could be, but isn't cruel. Let's all hope Mr. Tresca's hopes for Superman on the big screen come to fruition sometime soon.

J. mcdonald
I actually enjoyed Superman Returns more than many of the other super hero films of recent years. I also think that Bryan Singer made a wise decision to model the film after the original two movies.However, I have to agree with you that it simply doesn't measure up when you look closely at the plot. That's not to say that the original films didn't have plot holes, but you are correct when you say they were more "fun". You're less likely to complain about the plot if your having a fun time :)For the most part I'm happy that someone revived the superman films and did so in a way that pays tribute to the original films.I wonder what would have happened if they actually let Richard Donner loose with 200+ million dollars? And this time nobody interfered with his vision?Well written review!-JM [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:59 PM

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